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Before Moving Out of Your Apartment Check List

Posted by Hailey McRae on May 15, 2020
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Moving can be exciting, stressful, and overwhelming. There are so many things to do and so many things to get done before you hand over your keys. Before you start packing, Mills Property wants to make sure you are taking the necessary steps to move out of your apartment.

Give Notice
To know how much notice you need to give prior to moving out, check your lease! Property Management companies may require notice of 30-90 days, so be sure to check in advance. If you fail to provide proper notice you may face financial consequences. The delivery method should also be included in your lease. Usually, a written notice is required.

Renters Insurance
Along with your favorite cookie jar, your renters insurance policy should move with you. You will need to contact your carrier as soon as possible about your upcoming move. Keep in mind that your premium may need to be adjusted based on your new apartment/townhome. Depending on your policy, it may cover your personal items during a move.

You want your apartment to be spotless, so get the rubber glover out & get cleaning! The end goal should be to get your apartment as close to its original move-in condition as possible. If you aren’t able to tackle this alone, you might want to consider asking friends/family or hiring a cleaning service.

Change your address
Changing your address is one of the most important items to do in the moving process. Neglecting to update your address can cause a BIG headache. This is something you can do at your local post office or online at You will also want to update your address with your bank, employer & anyone who might send you mail.

It’s Moving Day!
It’s the big day! There are a lot of things going on when moving out of an apartment, so relax and go with the flow! Also, be sure to remember to return your keys to your landlord.

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