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Refresh Your Space

Posted by Hailey McRae on June 19, 2020
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As we inch closer and closer to the official start of summer, you may be hit with the desire to organize, clean and refresh your space. It’s time to get creative and whip your space into shape. You will be pleasantly surprised at how a few slight adjustments can give your humble abode an entirely new look & feel.

Seize the Natural Light
With warmer days come more sunlight, so raise those blinds and soak in the beautiful, natural light. Instead of reaching for the light switch, pull back your curtains and let the sunshine illuminate the room. Opening your windows can actually enhance your mood, PLUS you’ll save a little on your electricity bill.

Freshen up your Bathroom
Did you know that the bathroom is the most used room in your home? Give your bathroom a quick face lift by upgrading your linens. Focus on what you see the most when you walk into the bathroom. Upgrading your shower curtain, bath mats, and hand towels will make the largest impact.

Plant Your Roots and Go Green
Adding potted plants, a vase of fresh flowers or a small herb garden to your space is a fantastic way to bring the outdoors inside. Not only are they stunning & bright, they will improve your mood.

Sleep Soundly in an Updated Bedroom
Your bedroom should be comforting, warm and inviting. If your safe space is in need of a new look, look no further. Changing your bedspread and adding a few unique accent pillows will have you excited to get some shut eye.

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