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Rent Payments

How to Pay Rent
  • Paying your rent has never been easier with our convenient payment options!

    • Cash is NOT accepted as a form of payment!
      • Automatic Payment
        • Fill out an EFT form and Mills Property will automatically withdraw your rent right from your account
      • Online Payment
        • Head to to set up and profile and pay through our online rent portal. You can make one time or recurring payments
      • In Person
        • Check/Money Order/Cashier’s Check
          • Made payable to Mills Property Management. Please include your property or address and apartment number on the Memo Line
        • Card
          • Card payments can be processed in person or over the phone by calling your property manager or the Brookings Main Office. There is a convenience fee associated with all card payments.
        • Drop Box
          • Many of our office locations have a drop box on-site for your convenience
        • Bill Pay
          • You can work with your bank directly to schedule an automatic bill pay


What is Considered a Maintenance Emergency?
What is Billable vs. What is included
  • Billable

    You will be charged for damage to your home that is the result of carelessness or neglect on your part. This may include damage to walls from self-adhesive hangers or large nails that cause wall damage when removed.

  • Non-Billable

    Preventative and corrective maintenance services will be provided in accordance with state and local code

Services We Provide

Property Management
  • Property Management Services

    Mills Property Management is a professional commercial and residential property management company. We strive to add value to owner investment through resident experience. We take pride in our ability to be an innovative management solution, offering custom services to owners based on their individual needs and goals. Our staff is committed to helping you maximize your real estate investment’s operating efficiency and tenant satisfaction. We are recognized experts in our field and have 30 years of experience with many different types of property management including federally funded income based, senior, luxury, student and commercial.

  • Compliance Services

    Mills Property Management has been serving the needs of affordable properties since 1992. We have an in-house compliance department that currently handles the government compliance for over 1000 program units. We can take the burden of program compliance off your shoulders, giving you more time to take care of your property’s day-to-day operations. Our team of compliance specialists are experienced with the following government programs: HUD, Tax Credit, Rural Development and HOME.

Mills Home Services
  • What We Specialize In

    Mills Home Services is here to rescue you from your project list. Our experienced construction technicians will perform a variety of handyman tasks for your residential or commercial property in a timely manner. We tackle all size projects, big or small. Our Home Services team is experienced and professional so you can trust that the job will be done right. We specialize in:

    • Residential & Commercial Projects
    • Home Repairs – Interior & Exterior
    • Remodel Projects – Any Size!
    • Painting
    • Concrete Work
    • Flooring
    • Dry Wall
    • Decks
    • And SO Much More!


Online Applications
  • For Conventional Housing

    Enjoy the convenience of completing your application online at any time.  All information from roommates or adult household members will need to be completed online, to include uploading a government issued ID.  A security deposit or processing fee payment will need to be paid, along with signing a form of understanding for this payment.  Once a payment is made, the unit is held for this applicant and the payment is no longer refundable (unless an applicant does not pass the screening criteria). This will then trigger the screening process to begin.

Income Based Housing Applications
  • For Affordable Housing

    We take pride in our variety of homes and are pleased with what we have to offer our applicants. The Income Based Housing Application needs to be completed to start the process of finding a place to call home. Our Tenant Selection Plan is available to anyone who requests it, please contact our office for a copy or find it posted at the property.

Security Deposit vs. Processing Fee
  • Security Deposit

    A security deposit is required to be paid before you move in. A security deposit is not applied toward rent, they are to provide payment for any damages, repairs, and cleaning, once you move out. If your home has incurred any damage, above normal wear and tear, during your tenancy, MPM will withhold the portion of your security deposit necessary to cover labor and material repair costs. If these repairs exceed your security deposit, you are responsible for these costs and will be billed. Your security deposit is only refundable when the home is totally vacated by all residents, provided your lease term has been fulfilled, a move-out inspection has been completed and signed, there has been no damage to the home, and you have provided a forwarding address.

  • Processing Fee

    Processing fees are meant to provide payment for any damages, repairs, and cleaning, once you move out. Your processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE when the unit is vacated.

Screening Expectations
  • Conventional Properties

    Landlord, Credit, and Criminal screenings are conducted on each adult applicant once security deposit or processing fee is paid. Approval time can vary based on these three areas. Once approved, Manager will contact applicant to schedule a move in date.

  • Affordable Properties

    Once you’ve submitted a complete application, including all questions answered, required areas signed, and necessary IDs, you are placed on the waiting list of your choosing. The length of the waiting lists varies between properties and are subject to change with additional application being submitted and availability of units. The following procedures are used and considered for processing all submitted applications to determine eligibility:

    • Availability of Qualifying Apartment
    • Income Eligibility
    • Submission Date
    • Credit Screening
    • Landlord Screening
    • Criminal Background Screening

    The average time needed to process an affordable application can take between 14-21 business days, after the intent to rent or retainer is signed and/or paid.


Roommate Replacement Process
  • Conventional Properties

    We understand that change happens within households, so in order to change leaseholders, this process allows a smooth transition. A roommate replacement form must be signed by all current leaseholders indicating the resident planning to move out and/or the prospective applicant requesting to be added.  A $75 non-refundable processing fee per applicant must be paid in order to complete the background screening.  No replacement or add on roommate may move in to the apartment until this process is complete. All tenants should settle disposition of the security deposit/processing fee paid amongst themselves, as refund or forfeiture of this payment by management will be made only when the apartment is vacated by all parties. Once the lease is signed by the new applicant, that leaseholder is then removed from further responsibility.  No inspection will be completed between internal changes of household members.  Each tenant is jointly and severally liable for the duration of the lease agreement.  This means each tenant is responsible for all rents owed and any damage found during the lease tenancy dates in full.

  • Affordable Properties

    Any change in household status requires an income-based application to be completed for any adult applicant.  A background screening and verification of qualification for the program must be completed and approved prior to any changes or moves. Any changes in household composition should be reported to management by completing a tenant change from within ten days of known change.

Occupancy Guidelines
  • Occupancy Guidelines

    Occupancy guidelines can vary based on city ordinances of the property location which can include an ordinance such as no more than three unrelated persons per household or policy regarding families to split up boys and girls in separate bedrooms above a certain age to qualify for a specific unit size.  Typically, standard would be no more than two people per bedroom plus one more. Please contact the manager in the specific location for clarification of any city ordinances

I've Moved Out.. Now What?

Move Out Process
  • What's Expected From The Tenant

    You are responsible for the entire term of your lease. If you plan on renewing your lease, a written notice must be given to the Property Manager on or before the deadline stated on your lease agreement or lease renewal letter. If you do not give written notice of your intent to renew by the deadline, it is assumed that you will be vacating your home at the end of your lease term.

Tenant Responsibilities
  • What is the Tenant Responsible For?

    A move-out cleaning instruction guideline, as well as, a chart of charges, is available from your Property Manager to help prepare your home for the move-out inspection.

    A move-out inspection must be scheduled with the Property Manager, during regular business hours, on or before the last working day of the month (minimum of 72 hours in advance). If an inspection is not scheduled and attended by your or someone you appointed as your representative, your security deposit will be forfeited.

    You are responsible to notify the utility, telephone, internet, and cable companies to discontinue service at your home and only to be effective on the last day of your lease term.

Security Deposit Refund
  • How Can I Get My Security Deposit Refunded?

    Your security deposit is only refundable when the home is totally vacated by all residents, provided your lease term has been fulfilled, a move-out inspection has been completed and signed, there has been no damage to the home, and you have provided a forwarding address.

    Only one check per household will be issued for the return of the security deposit.

General Lease Questions

Can I Break My Lease Early?
  • Early Lease Termination

    If you move-out before your lease term has expired, the security deposit will be forfeited, with additional turnover charges assessed. You are also responsible for rent and utilities for your entire lease term of until your home has been re-rented.

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