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New Turkey Day Traditions

Posted by Hailey McRae on November 18, 2022
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As November rolls around you probably start thinking about family time, pumpkin pie, football, shopping, and turkey! Although these developed traditions are timeless & classic, it’s never too late to incorporate new ways to make the Thanksgiving holiday even more memorable. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of a few fun & fresh Thanksgiving traditions.

Write Down What You’re Thankful For
Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the “holiday rush” for many individuals. Before getting lost in busy schedules, holiday parties & Christmas plays, take a moment to reflect on what this holiday is all about. This exercise requires little to no preparations. Place a pen and piece of paper at each table setting & have your guests write down what they are thankful for. Before digging in, have everyone share what they wrote down.

Watch a Holiday Movie
Embrace your food coma by plopping down on the couch and watching a classic Christmas movie together. Not only does this provide an excuse to avoid dishes, it gives everyone a change to sit back & relax.

Host a Bake Off
Everyone has their signature dessert recipe that they swear by. Put your guests to the test with a harmless dessert bake off. Encourage everyone to bring their favorite sweet treat, and after the big meal, judge the desserts on things like taste, originality, smell, etc.  

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