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Storm Essential Kit for Your Apartment – Winter Edition

Posted by Hailey McRae on December 13, 2022
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Have no fear, winter is here! Is your apartment prepared for the cold, snow & ice that this season brings? It isn’t a bad idea to create a stockpile of a few emergency items in case of an extreme winter storm. Below are a few different ideas on what you can have on hand to keep yourself safe, comfortable & warm.

Food & Water
Always keep nonperishable food items on hand! Things like canned soups and beans, peanut butter, boxed cereal, canned fruits and vegetables, whole-grain crackers & dried fruits have a long shelf life and will provide you with plenty of energy during a long winter storm.  

Clean drinking water is also an important item to keep in your storm essentials kit! In case your pipes freeze, you are able to stay hydrated.

Clothing & Blankets
If you lose electricity for an extended period of time, you’ll need appropriate clothing & thick blankets to stay warm. Do your best to plan ahead. If an extreme winter storm is in the forecast, pull these items out of your closets, drawers & storage. Bonus points if you place everything in the same area of your apartment! This will truly help if you lose power and need to gather these items quickly.

Batteries & Chargers
When and if the power goes out, you’ll need a way to keep essential items, such as a cell phone or a flashlight, charged up!

Snow Shovel
Almost all of the properties we manage include lawn care & snow removal, but if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere AFTER the storm, you’ll need a way to dig yourself out! A snow shovel will also be your saving grace if your car gets stuck in the street or parking lot.

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