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How to Host the BIG Feats with Minimal Square Feet

Posted by Hailey McRae on November 15, 2021
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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! Some of the best turkey day traditions and memories are centered around great food. The idea of cleaning, prepping and cooking for everyone in an apartment can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you and your guests can’t have a royal feast! Here are a few tips on how to host Thanksgiving in an apartment.

Make it a Potluck
Planning, shopping, prepping & cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal in your apartment sized kitchen sounds like a nightmare. Save yourself some time, energy & money by asking your loved ones for a little culinary help. Your parents have the largest oven, ask them to bring the bird. Your cousin with a crazy sweet tooth can bring the desserts. And your sister who can’t cook can provide the drinks. You can take on a side or two and leave the stress behind.

Switch up the Seating
I’m guessing you probably don’t have a long banquet table that can seat everyone in your apartment. Instead of sweating over the lack of space, focus on what you can turn into a seat for your guests. Use your couch as seating & supply your guests with TV trays to avoid spilling or place a few throw pillows on the floor around your coffee table for the kiddos.

Dine with Disposable
High quality, holiday themed dishware is not a necessity when it comes to celebrating turkey day. Thanksgiving is about taking time to relax, so don’t feel pressured to purchase fancy dishes that won’t get used the rest of the year. It’s completely OKAY to serve the food & drinks with disposable cups, plates and silverware. PLUS – by using disposable dishware your clean-up time and pile of dirty dishes will be minimal!

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