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Getting Ready To Rent

Posted by johnsondandv on January 1, 2018
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If you are looking for a new rental, or maybe your first rental; here are some tips to prepare you for the process.

 #1. Set a budget before you begin looking. Rather than stretching too far financially to get something you fall in love with; know what you can afford and only look at properties that fit into your predetermined budget.

 #2. Decide which amenities and features are non-negotiable. There are lots of features, amenities and locations to distract you in your search. Make a list of what things are a must and what things are a bonus. 

#3. Tackle the application and scheduling showings. It can seem a little daunting to fill out applications, schedule showings and make decisions.  Get the application filled out so the management team has your information and can get in touch with you if inventory changes.

Searching for a new rental can be overwhelming, but with a little prep-work it can be an exciting and fun adventure.
Take your time, do the homework and you to will find a great home with the flexibility and ease of renting.

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