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Non-Candy Halloween Treats to DIE For

Posted by Hailey McRae on October 17, 2023
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Every October the usual suspects get the spotlight – pumpkin spice, apple picking, cozy candles, and Halloween candy! Every parent on earth is aware that Halloween isn’t just one night of candy, it’s a season full of sweets! From classroom parties to costume parades to trick-or-treating, kids are elbow-deep in sugar.

Instead of overloading a trick-or-treaters bucket with candy (that will more than likely be thrown away in six months) think about giving out a non-traditional, non-candy-related treats that will bring a smile to the face of every ghoul and goblin!

Shine Bright!

 Items like glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark toys, light-up rigs, and mini flashlights are extremely affordable and can be purchased in bulk. Plus, when kids wear them, they’ll be easier to spot while darting from house to house!

Create a Busy Bee

Want to keep kids busy for a while? Pass out goodies that require some brain power! Coloring books, word searches, scratch art, playing cards, pens note pads, and puzzles are sure to help your kiddos forget about their pillowcases full of candy.

For Later Use

 Let’s think beyond October 31st for a second. What’s the point of passing out Halloween toys and trinkets if they aren’t going to be used? Give your little monsters things that can be useful outside of Halloween. Bookmarks, pencils, pens, erasers, and highlighters are great options that can be used any day of the year and won’t go bad!

Let’s have some fun!

 Okay, okay, okay… enough with the practical stuff. Let’s have some fun! Let’s be real, kids look for the fun (and sweet) things in every candy bowl on Halloween. Don’t forget to sprinkle a few fun things in there – whoopee cushions, slinkies, slime, masks, temporary tattoos, stickers, and plastic vampire teeth are great add-ins to the trick-or-treat bucket!

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