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National Stress Awareness Month

Posted by Hailey McRae on April 1, 2024
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April is known for many different events and celebrations such as April Fool’s Day, Patriot’s Day, and Earth Day. Did you know that April is also recognized as National Stress Awareness Month? Learning how to manage stress levels is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle.

As you venture on this stress-relieving journey, ask yourself “What does stress mean to me?”

Of course, we all experience stress in different ways and it’s very common. According to The American Institute of Stress, “Stress is a reaction to a situation where a person feels anxious or threatened.”

Typical reactions to stressful events can look like:

  • Shock and disbelief
  • Feelings of frustration, sadness, and helplessness
  • Having a hard time making decisions or concentrating
  • The use of alcohol and drugs
  • Health issues including stomach problems, back pain, or migraines

When life presents us with moments of stress that are out of our control we can learn to cope with stressful situations:

  • Take care of yourself by nourishing your body with healthy foods and staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and taking a rest when your body is feeling run down
  • Avoid using drugs and alcohol
  • Voice your problem and feelings to a trusted family member, co-worker, friend, therapist, or counselor.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
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