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How To Sleigh Your Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Posted by Hailey McRae on December 12, 2023
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It’s that time of year again – lights are strung, trees are decorated, everyone’s household elf is up to its annual antics (again?!), and names are being drawn for the Secret Santa gift exchange.

As you pull that name from the hat, your mind is already spinning; What does this person like? What doesn’t this person like? How do I stay under budget? Will their gift ship in time? Luckily, we’ve got the answers to all of these burning questions!

Browse through these picks to sleight your Secret Santa gift exchange this year!

For the Foodie

 “People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julie Child

 Not too many people are going to turn down a food-focused gift. For those who enjoy cooking or snacking (let’s be honest, snacking is THE BEST!!), snag them a fun and food-minded gift. Consider gifting items such as:

  • Unique, small batch peanut butter
  • Mini waffle maker
  • Themed cookbook
  • Custom cookie cutter
  • Fancy olive oil
  • Sample pack of different salts or hot sauces
  • Air pop popcorn popper

For the Thinker

 For those who enjoy putting their noodle to the test, gift them something that will allow them to flex their noggin. Consider these gifts:

  • Bananagrams
  • Book of Sudoku puzzles
  • Jig-saw puzzle
  • Journal with writing prompts
  • Trivia board game

For the Wellness Guru

 Wellness and self-care look different for everybody. Giving someone a gift that supports their overall well-being is a meaningful way to show them you care- mind, body, and soul. Flex your gift-giving muscle and think about snagging some of these gifts:

  • Insulated Water Bottle
  • Cooling under-eye patches
  • Foam Roller
  • Mini Oil Diffuser
  • Muscle Relaxing Bath Bombs

For the Outdoorsy Type

 Practical yet memorable outdoorsy gifts don’t have to cost an arm and a leg! The gift of fresh air, sunshine, and adventure is often more than enough. If you drew the name of an outdoors obsessor, maybe snag one of these options:

  • Rechargeable Headlamp
  • Hammock
  • Insulated Travel Coffee Mug
  • Solar Power Bank
  • Mini First Aid Kit
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