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5 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Cool

Posted by Emily Hagen on July 2, 2019
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Summer is finally here! Let us help you stay cool with these tips to beat the heat this summer.

  1. Set your Air Conditioner at a Consistent Temperature
    While your home may not need to be as cool during the day while you are away at work, you still want to make sure that the temperature in your home doesn’t get too high. If your home gets too hot, then your AC unit will have to run longer just to get your home cooled down to a regular temperature. Keeping your AC running during the day and just increasing the temperature to a more moderate rate, can help to keep your home cool and save you a little money during these hot months.
  2. Close your Blinds.
    Your windows let in a lot of sunlight and with that a lot of HEAT! Keep your home cooler by limiting the amount of sunlight that comes in by closing your blinds or curtains. This will not only keep your house cool but can help save you some money on your cooling costs.
  3. Have a fan going.
    Running a fan can help circulate the cool air throughout your apartment. This can help with keeping all of your rooms cool especially if you typically have some areas that are cooler than others.
  4. Use your exhaust fans.
    We all know cooking indoors can heat up your home in the summer! While it’s great to avoid using your oven when it’s hot, that isn’t always possible so if you do need to use it, make sure you are using the exhaust fan in your kitchen. This can help remove the hot air, which will then allow cooler air to come in. Also, make sure you are utilizing the exhaust fan in your bathroom to get rid of all the excess steam and heat from a hot shower.
  5. Take advantage of cooler evening temps.
    While it may be hot during the day, nights are typically much cooler even in the summertime. Take advantage of those cooler temps by placing a fan or two by a window to bring in some of that cool nighttime air.
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